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Core Site Name: Beauty01

Why You Need a Core Web Site

1. They Look Good

The first thing people see when they come to your web site is it’s “look”. For most businesses, it doesn't have to be fancy. But, . . . Continued Below or See Testimonials

Web Services from Feely & Associates

Beauty01 Core Web Site

Look at another Core Web Site.


continued from above . . . your site needs to be clean and attractive. If it's messy, people will think that your business is messy. Avoid a messy-looking web site by getting a Core Web Site.

2. Attract More Customers

Your web site is an extension of your business and should help you get new customers.

Core Web Sites are designed to help you attract new customers. Learn how Core Web Sites help you get more customers.

3. It's Easy

Our customers have their hands full running their businesses. They don’t have the time to become web experts. They don’t have large budgets for web expenses. Yet, they know that the web is an important way of attracting customers. They need a web site that's easy. Easy to buy. Easy to maintain. How easy is it to get a Core Web Site?

4. We're Trusted

The web is full of people who think that to be successful in business means taking advantage of others.

We think just the opposite. The way to be successful is to be trustworthy.

The most important reason our customers stay with us for years is that we can be trusted. To make the web work for you, you need a trusted vendor you can turn to. Our goal is to be your trusted vendor.

5. You Get Personal Service

It's almost impossible to find personal service on the web. Yet, that's what you need if your going to get a web site that attracts customers.

You can get a cookie-cutter web site. But my guess is that your business doesn't just need a web site—it needs one that will bring you new customers.

We give personal attention to your web needs because there isn't a business in this world that is served well by a cookie cutter approach.

In fact, personal attention is built into the process of creating your Core web site.

6. It's Affordable — Your One-stop Web Shop

Save yourself money, time and grief by selecting a one-stop web shop. We can handle all your web needs:

  • a good looking web site
  • web hosting
  • search optimization
  • good looking graphics
  • Internet marketing savvy
  • All at an affordable price! Cost?

7. Our Focus Is YOUR Success

Isn't it time to turn your focus toward a Core Web Site?

Contact me, Ted Feely, at 408-733-4290, or send an email,
or take step 1 — Pick a look you like.

Why get just any web site? Aren't you looking for more business?

Contact me, Ted Feely, at
408-733-4290. Or, send an email.


Why get just any web site? Aren't you looking for new customers?

Contact me now, Ted Feely, at 408-733-4290. Or, send an email.



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