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Choose a Core Site

You do this by going to Page Designs, selecting the design you want and going to the next step.

1st Phone Conversation


The call's on me! Call me and I'll call you back. We'll discuss your questions and concerns, the site you like, and the steps for getting started.

Call me, Ted Feely, at 408-733-4290. If I don't answer, be sure to leave a message. Also it's a good idea to email me.

Getting Started Payment


If you have not done so already, make the "getting started" payment.

2nd Phone Conversation



I'll help you :

  • Identify your core keywords
  • Identify a domain name
  • Point you to great photo images for your site.

Image Focus


You pick out photo images you want or send us images you have.

Text Focus

Send us the text you want for your web site.

Need help with this? Talk with me about it in our first phone conversation.

First Draft Focus

I create a draft version of your home page including text and photo image and placement of your core keywords.

Draft Review & Requested Changes

We’ll email you a link so you can review your draft home page. You can ask questions, and let us know changes you want.

Change, Review & Approval

We make the requested changes to your home page.

You review & approve the home page.

Complete Pages, Review & Approval

We create the remaining pages.

You review and request revisions, if any.

We revise the remaining pages.

You give final approval of your web pages.

Domain Name

Decide on your site’s domain name (.com, .net or .org)

Final Payment

Make Final payment.

Purchase Domain

We purchase your domain name.

This is for 1 year, and puts the domain name under your control.

We send the login and password to you.

Set up Your Web Site

We set up and start hosting your web site and domain name. Your web site will now be live and on the web for anyone to see by entering your domain name.

Search Registration

We register your web site with Google, Yahoo, & MSN.


We send you the login and password information for your web site.

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