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High Quality Search Optimization

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I provide high-quality search optimization. My focus is on site visitors who want to buy what you’re selling. Testimonials

When the focus is only on the number of visitors to your site, it hurts your web site SEO (search engine optimization).

My search optimization is high quality because I

Have the Right Goal
Wrong Goal
Getting as many people to your website as possible.
Right Goal
 I focus on getting targeted traffic to your website.
Targeted traffic is site visitors who are looking for what you sell. They are the only site visitors who are likely to buy from you.

Watch out for search optiization "experts" who only talk about how many people they're going to get to your web site.
Have the Right Registration Focus
Wrong Focus
Register your website with as many search engines as possible.
Right Focus
I focus on getting registered with the Big 3 search engines — Google, Yahoo, & MSN.
People who say they'll register your website with 100 or 300 or 500 search engines, do this using an automated process.

This is a problem because the big search engines, the ones that produce over 90% of the searches — Google, Yahoo, & MSN — require manual registration. So, by using automated registration with Google, Yahoo, & MSN, they are actually hurting your chances.
Use the Right Keywords
Wrong Keywords
Use keywords that get the most people to your site.
Right Keywords
I use only keywords that get real prospects to your website.
It hurts you to have thousands of site visitors who are looking for XYZ when you sell ABC.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that if you get enough people to your site that some of them are bound to become customers.
Use the Right Metric (way of measuring visitors)
Wrong Metric
Using "hits" as the metric to measure search traffic is wrong. Be wary of any search engine "expert" who tells you how many "hits" they'll get you.
Right Metric
I use the right metric: "visitors".
"Hits" on a web page are simply the number of things on the web page. For example, if there are 10 pictures on a web page, they will produce 10 hits when someone visits it, so, one page might create 20 or 30 hits.

The right metric is "visit". One page opened on your web site produces 1 visit.
Understand Where to Place Keywords
Wrong Understanding
Put keywords into the meta tag keywords area of the page so search engines will find them.
Right Understanding
I use keywords throughout your web page and make sure that the most important ones are repeated in the Title area.
Keywords in the meta tag keywords area of web pages are ignored by the best search engines.
I'd be rich if I had a dollar for everyone who thinks they have an optimized web site because they had keywords added to their site's meta tag keywords area.
Understand the Number of Keywords to Place on a Page
Wrong Number of Keywords
Put as many keywords on a page as possible.
Right Number of Keywords
I put only those keywords on a page that will help search engines direct your real prospects to the page. I embed your keywords in meaningful, easy to read text.
Having a page with many different keywords on it is like having a dart board with many bulls-eyes on it. It confuses the search engines and makes it more difficult for them to deliver the right pages to searchers.
Understand the Right Balance Between More Traffic & Readable Pages
Wrong Balance Between More Traffic & Readability
Ignore how readable your web pages are. Just get as much traffic as you can.
Right Balance Between More Traffic & Readability
I understand that it's important to make pages both more search optimized AND more easily readable by site visitors.
In the end, it does you no good to have visitors arrive on your website, only to be turned off by unreadable, keyword packed, pages.
Avoid Search Optimization Scams

The difference between reputable search optimization professionals and scam artists is this guarantee: Top Ranking.

Everyone wants top ranking!

But, here's the scam: The keywords they'll get you top ranking for probably don't require search optimization to get.

For example, let's say your business is "John's Plumbing" in "Emporia, Kansas" located at "123 Main Street" and your phone number is "(555) 555 1212".

You don't need your website search optimized to get top ranking for these searches:

John's Plumbing Emporia Kansas

Plumbing Main Street Emporia

John's (555) 555 1212

But, this is the type of thing the scammers show you to prove they've got you "Top Ranking".



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