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Hurdle #2:

The “10-second Hurdle”

Does it look like your site has what they're looking for? Testimonials

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Once visitors are over hurdle #1, you've got about 10 seconds to show them that your site has what they’re looking for.

Visitors may not be able to find exactly what they want in 10 seconds. But, when your site is promising enough to stay for a while, you've got them over hurdle #2.

Here are some keys to helping site visitors over hurdle #2:


Organize for the First-Time Visitor


Our local super market puts eggs in one aisle and egg-substitute in another.

Don't risk your web site's success by organizing your site in such a user UNfriendly way.

Organize your site navigation and site organization for the first-time site visitor.

Want help with this? Give me a call, 408-733 4290 or send an email.


Proximity Wins


Place the things your customer is looking for so they are close to the top of the page and easy to see.

For example

  • a dentist should place a list of services where it's easy to see and the most popular services should be at the top of the list
  • a business that does 80% of its sales in English bone china should make English bone china EXTREMELY easy to find!

This is common sense, if—you are focused on results AND you understand the importance of the first seconds a visitor is on your site.

Need help? Give me a call, 408-733 4290 or send an email.


A Picture's Worth . . .


Pictures can be the perfect way to quickly get visitors over the 10-second recognition hurdle.

Girl in dentist office.   plumber working under sink

The image on the left above provides instant recognition for a children's dentist. And, there's little doubt that the image on the right would work for a plumber.

Would you like help selecting and placing images on your web site? Call, 408-733 4290 or send an email.

Why continue to wait and hope for web success? Give me a call and let's talk about your web site and about your web site needs?

Contact me now, Ted Feely, at 408-733-4290. Or, send an email.


What is hurdle #3.


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Looking for a web traffic conversion professional you can trust?

My name is Ted Feely. Why don't you give me a call (408-733-4290) or send an email. Being a trusted vendor to my customers is my second highest business value.

Ted Feely

Being "skilled and knowledgeable" is my highest business value.




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