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Web Site Conversion Hurdles

3 Steps to Converting Web Traffic into Customers Testimonials

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Hurdle #1 — 3-Second Success


When a visitor lands on your web site. . .

. . . you have about 3 seconds to get their involvement or they'll click away.

Even if they’ve come to your site intentionally, it’s still a matter of only seconds before they have evaluated the site and may click away.

Results-focused design attacks this hurdle.

Learn more about hurdle #1. . . designing a web site so that prospects don’t click away prematurely.


Hurdle #2 — 10-Second Recognition


Once your site visitor is over the 3-second hurdle, you face the 10-second recognition hurdle.

At this point, site visitors are asking themselves: Does this site actually have what I’m looking for?

Good web site design makes it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for. You have about 10 seconds to give your site visitor some confidence that your site has what they’re looking for.

Learn more about hurdle #2. . .designing a site that helps visitors recognize what they're looking for.


Hurdle #3 — Act for Targeted Results


So far so good. Your site visitor thinks you have what they're looking for.

Most web site design companies think their work is done.

But . . .now . . . the real work begins.

Learn more about hurdle #3. . .designing a site that gets visitors to act on the results you want.


Why continue to pour money down the drain—trying to get more traffic—when the thing you need is more conversions of existing traffic?

Contact me now, Ted Feely, at 408-733-4290. Or, send an email.


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Looking for a web traffic conversion professional you can trust?

My name is Ted Feely. Why don't you give me a call (408-733-4290) or send an email. Being a trusted vendor to my customers is my second highest business value.

Ted Feely

Being "skilled and knowledgeable" is my highest business value.


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